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Are You a Web Designer or Web Developer?

We work with web designers and write web copy. We will talk to you in person or over Skype about the tone and content of the site and write pages of good, original copy for your clients. You brief us and we do the rest.

We Write Great Web Copy

Click on this link to see examples of copy that we have created.

1. http://www.toystorejunction.com/art-crafts
2. http://acupuncturecollegeireland.com
3. http://slcontrols.com
4. http://acupuncture-thehealingroom.ie
5. http://www.stylebyanna.ie/grey-as-a-neutral

No Time to Write And Need Your Website Updated?

Many websites need updating and “gather cobwebs” as the copy is not fresh and current. We research and write about your product and services, save you time and write compelling copy that adds credibility to your site.
You need to get a message to your target audience as simply and effectively as you can and we can help you do that.

Are You Keen to Start a Blog But Keep Putting it Off?

We offer Ghost Blogging Services. We will blog for you and write a regular blog that is keyword optimized and will add value to your customer or client.
Call us today for a proposal and a quote on blogging services. Our rates are competitive and affordable.

Five Top Tips For Writing Creative Web Content

1. Break it up. Deliver your content in bite-sized pieces. There is nothing more off-putting than being faced with a wall of text.
2. Create “Sticky” Headlines: Choose a headline that will capture the attention of your reader. Pose a question or identify a “pain-point”.
3. Create Lists. There is a reason why headlines like “Top Five Tips” etc. work! They draw you in.
4. Tell a Story : Reflect the personality of your brand. Everyone has a story to tell about his or her product or services, make it your own and tell it simply and effectively.
5. People Scan Read Online (eye tracker studies show that they read in a “F” shape) give them what they are looking for simply and don’t over-complicate matters. Don’t use a long word when a short one will do.

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