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Five Top Tips For Writing Web Content

Web Writing Top Tips

Web Writing Top Tips

Everything you ever learned about writing in school and college doesn’t apply. You are not trying to write academic style. You were taught to introduce a topic, elaborate further until your story reached a climax and the take it to a grand conclusion. Online writing is Inverted Pyramid style.  If you need ideas read how top journalists write. You start with the main point and then ask, How? When? Where? Why?


1.Break It Up

Deliver your content in bite-sized pieces. There is nothing more off-putting than being faced with a wall of text. Your readers will lose interest before you begin to draw them in. Edit any unnecessary words or phrases. Wordiness doesn’t work online.

2.Use Great Headings

Choose a headline that will capture the attention of your reader. Pose a question or identify a “pain point”. What problem can you solve? What solution do you provide? Remember your readers want to know what is in it for them.

3.Bullet Points

There is a reason why headlines like “Top Five Tips” etc. work! They draw you in. People don’t have to make a significant time commitment to read what you have written. Lists and Bullet Points are the way to go.

4. Tell a Story

The Story is the thing.Reflect the personality of your brand. Everyone has a story to tell about his or her product or services, make it your own and tell it simply and efficiently. Your story is important. Use video clips and great pics to capture the highlights. Visual posts work well.

5 Keep It Simple

Eye tracker studies show that they read in a “F”  shape.Give them what they are looking for  and don’t over-complicate matters. Don’t use a long word when a short one will do. Keep your most important info on the top of your post and again midway down  so nothing significant is lost.

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