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Be Cybersavvy

There is a new form of literacy which we need to embrace no matter what our age and stage in life. Being Cybersavvy is no longer an option, it is a very real need.  The initiative is gaining momentum worldwide, and Digital Intelligence is the new buzz world


What is Digital Intelligence?


There are three levels

Level 1: Digital Citizenship

Using digital technology and media in safe, responsible and efficient ways

Level 2: Digital Creativity

Becoming a part of the digital ecosystem by co-creating new content and turning ideas into reality by using digital tools

Level 3: Digital Entrepreneurship

Using digital media and technologies to solve global challenges or to create new opportunities

(ref: World Economic Forum)

What is Your DQ?

You know what your IQ is, or you have an idea? In the past twenty years, the term EQ became the new way to assess intelligence, life-skills and emotional understanding of the world in which we live. It is clear that academic knowledge isn’t enough to succeed, we have to forge relationships that make us happy and make it possible for us to thrive in our personal lives and the workplace.


Improve Your Digital Intelligence


The World Economic Forum Have Identified Eight Ways to Increase DQ.

Children and Teens are very susceptible to cyberbullying. Social Media and Gaming throw up challenges regularly.Online dangers are very real, and we can learn to cope with them.  Privacy and security issues challenge us all.digital footprint remains in Cyberspace, and we are only beginning to understand this.

  • Cyberbullying; At one stage the home was a safe refuge, this doesn’t hold true anymore.
  • Screentime Management: How do we keep a healthy balance online? It is important to learn self-control with multi-tasking, gaming and social media.
  • Predators: Unscrupulous people find it easy to target the vulnerable.
  • Privacy and Security: How do we create passwords that are safe and not prone to hacking?
  • Cybersecurity management: Protecting one’s data and managing cyberattacks.
  • Digital footprint: What we post remains online always
  • Digital Empathy: We need to identify how others feel online
  • Critical Thinking: The ability to differentiate between genuine and false information online is vital.

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