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Five Top Tips For Writing Web Content

Everything you ever learned about writing in school and college doesn’t apply. You are not trying to write academic style. You were taught to introduce a topic, elaborate further until your story reached a climax and the take it to a grand conclusion. Online writing is Inverted Pyramid style.  If you need ideas read how top journalists write. […]

Be Cybersavvy

There is a new form of literacy which we need to embrace no matter what our age and stage in life. Being Cybersavvy is no longer an option, it is a very real need.  The initiative is gaining momentum worldwide, and Digital Intelligence is the new buzz world   What is Digital Intelligence? There are three levels Level 1: […]

Ann Ellard

Anna is a really interesting , knowledgeable and energetic tutor on the value of social media for my new business. Thank you for starting me on my Facebook presence journey.

Magaly Grimaldi

Highly recommend course. Very useful for all entrepreneurs out there that want to promote their business without spending a fortune! Learn lots of tips of how to maximise and get the most of social media. Thanks Anna for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm!!

Jenny Collins Klynsmith

Highly recommend Anna de Marigny both as a trainer and for social Media and Web content! She is very informative and inspiring, and makes the training fun and productive. For anyone wanting to get their business on-line, get great content and tie in with social media, Anna is the person I would suggest!

Martha Fraser

Martha Fraser is a nutritional therapist and the busy mum of two lovely little girls. She is also an expert in online business building and uses her strong technical expertise and IT background to showcase her interest in health and nutrition. As Martha has built a busy practice through using the Social Media and online […]

Anna de Marigny

I am South African-Irish or maybe Irish-South African? Either way, I spent the vast majority of my life in Durban South Africa. I am a teacher by profession but an artist and creative thinker by inclination. I have a passion for the Arts and love fashion, décor and all things beautiful. I was head of […]