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Welcome, I am Anna de Marigny and I look forward to helping you. I have spent much of my life teaching, writing, painting and being creative. With a degree in the Arts and a Higher Education Diploma, I  have spent many years teaching Drama and English in Irish and South African Secondary Schools, a different world from the Digital Space I have been in for six years.

Communication is essential in this competitive world whether it is verbal or written. That is where my real passion lies! The ability to tell one’s story and communicate one’s message is the cornerstone of success.

In 2011, I moved into Adult Learning and Education and retrained in Digital Marketing.  My interest in the Arts gives me a unique perspective. I approach writing and marketing with a creativity that Tech-Heads don’t always have.   I founded Flint, Your Creative Catalyst in 2013 and train business people. I also run a  Marketing Consultancy.   My strength is in understanding the challenges that the online world presents.  I have developed strategies that will help you understand it too.

Much of work is in tutoring  Online Business Courses, and I specialise in  Web Content, Social Media Marketing, and Blogging.

I help you find your voice, create your business story and deliver your message, and I love it.

Increasing DQ or Digital Intelligence is my latest mission. Being Cybersavvy and having a strong grasp of Internet Safety is a life skill and the new form of literacy.